Outplacement and Business-Mediation

Proactive conflict solution – either we bring you together again or we support you in a fair separation

Conflicts in companies are rather the rule then uncommon. The consequences are well known: mistakes happen, working motivation sinks, absences as well as staff fluctuation increases. Small sensitivities can already cause big damages. As a result the costs for projects,  that failed due to conflicts or had to be delayed by same reasons add up to five-six figure amounts. There are better ways to invest the money!

Mediation is a rational procedure to solve conflicts if:

  • discussions or negotiations got stuck and everybody is fixed on his opinion. Both sides know the conflict could be based on personal and objective reasons
  • an agreement is looked for in which none of the conflict parties loses its face and the ongoing cooperation is to be targeted
  • there is a solution to be found, in which it isn’t important to find out who is right, but to find  a fair WIN-WIN outcome
  • a long-time and expensive litigation has to be avoided
  • and, if both parties have a high motivation to achieve a solution of the conflict in own responsibility

We are specialized in Business-Mediation. These topics have to be treated often very personally, confidentially and with discretion.

Outplacement or if company and co-worker have to separate

Sometimes it happens that separation processes are unavoidable. We support the company and employee to manage the hard Outplacement-Process.

By an Outplacement it is sometimes possible to avoid e.g. excessive gratuities or claims at the Labor Court.  The company presents a positive social behavior by interaction with his employees in the separation period. We accompany our client during the Outplacement beginning with the separation process till new positioning. Hereby his competences are worked out, new professional tasks are developed which fit to his personal goals. Further, a strategic planning of candidacy interview coaching will help him in an Active Placement to transform the Outplacement into something positive.

Please call us for an Outplacement or write us. We appoint a confidential discussion with you.

We have many years of competence and experience in consulting and accompanying difficult separation processes indifferent if Mediation or Outplacement.

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