Executive coaching and Team development

Executive coaching by developing and extending of strengths

Many executives today are set under enormous pressure by the increasing expectations of the co-workers and the growing demands in the top-management. This affects especially executives of the low and middle management in charge with direct lead of co-workers. Especially the challenges in those areas are often wrongly estimated or just ignored in conventional developing plans.

We talk the language of those executives and understand their everyday hardships. Thus, our executive training is more than a conventional coaching. Starting with the present demand profile and estimation of the competences of each particular executive we work together with your executives. Hereby we fit our offer with an individual support in a confidential discussion. We connect group and individual appointments and assure the best possible transfer in the company’s daily routine. Therefore each of our executive coaching concepts is individual and tailored to fit the demands and needs of your company. We take our time to develop for you an individual concept for your executive coaching.

Team development

Ever since every modern organization is working with successful teams. Yet, many companies are hesitant when it comes to problems that occur due to different personalities in teams, thus they lose efficacy end efficiency.

We work with and train small teams of maximum 8 persons outside of their operating area. Hereby we use different techniques, from coaching to training-modules as well as creative modules.

The goal is, always to make a team holistically successful. So we empower the individual and the whole organization.

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