Direct Search for Specialists

By direct search we contact not only candidates on job search but also a circle of persons who are not actively looking for a new challenge, but whom can be motivated by an interesting offer to change the job.

By direct contact, also called Direct Search, we reach for you not only active job-seeking candidates but people who are not independent and obviously in search of a new challenge.

A serious and discreet direct approach and an interesting offer, however, can motivate many people to change jobs.

These “passive” candidates account for a majority of all potential candidates. A purely ad-supported search – whether print or online – or even a call for an open position on the company’s website or in known job boards, is often no longer sufficient today.

Effective, but very labor-intensive: Searching and addressing specialists via Direct Search

The way to fill positions for specialists via Direct Search is effective – but also very time-consuming and involves a lot of detailed and research work in the identification, addressing and personal selection of suitable candidates.

Due to the 20 years of experience of our consultants in Direct Search, we achieve an occupancy rate of over 90 %, especially through our seriousness and discretion in the direct approach, our very deep industry and customer knowledge and our very individual and personal interviewing and care of candidates. –

For the highest possible certainty that a vacancy will actually be filled, we have been and will be honored, also in 2018 as “Headhunter of the Year” in the category Candidate Experience and as a top HR service provider in the area of Executive Search 2018, 2015 und 2014 in the magazine FOCUS-Business.

Our services of specialists in Direct Search:

  • Development of a requirement profile in a personal conversation with you
  • Search and identification of suitable candidates as part of a direct approach, via net-hunting, the use of our extensive and well-maintained contacts and our own applicant database. Through this combination as part of our active search with a focus on Direct Search, we achieve an occupancy rate of over 90 %.
  • FConduct competency-based interviews. Each candidate we present through Direct Search has been personally interviewed by the partners and consultants of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP. Based on our impressions from this conversation, you will receive a “Confidential Report” which, in addition to an extended curriculum vitae, the verified credentials, a factual assessment, also presents aspects such as social skills, communication skills and other soft skills. This will save you time for unproductive job interviews because, in addition to the classic application documents and information on notice periods and salary expectations, you will receive a comprehensive, qualified assessment of the candidate from us.
  • Presentation of the most suitable candidates in your house. In addition to the organization of appointments, we usually also participate in the (first) job interview in order to provide you with further feedback on the candidate from a neutral point of view.

Our self-image in Direct Search

Discretion in Direct Search is a matter of course for us. The anonymity of both sides is maintained until we have found a suitable candidate via direct contact. This will then be presented in detail to the potential employer in conversation. We will only forward the application documents if the candidate explicitly agrees and thus expresses interest in the open position. And of course, we comply with all data protection requirements of the GDPR.

Use the experience and competence of our locations with their teams in a direct approach to find the right people for your business goals in competitive markets.

We support you comprehensively and professionally with our Direct Search!


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