Plant construction

As a specialized personnel consultancy agency for plant construction, we support you in addressing and selecting suitable candidates with competent consultants from the engineering sector

Plant engineering is a dynamic and cross-industry business unit with interfaces to chemical engineering, process engineering, energy and supply engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.
The diverse areas of responsibility require experienced experts and executives for administration, engineering, development, production, engineering and sales processes. To fill these challenging positions with suitable personalities often requires the help of an external consultant.

Competence and experience in personnel consulting focused on plant engineering

Since 2001, the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP has occupied positions in plant engineering, mainly in medium-sized industrial companies. Our HR consultants have years of experience in plant construction and engineering and have an extensive network of sought-after experts, executives and specialists.

As a personnel consultancy specializing in plant construction, we support companies against the shortage of skilled workers

Especially in medium-sized companies in the investment industry, the often-cited shortage of skilled workers is particularly noticeable. These companies can only maintain with excellent engineering expertise and so expand their leadership in global competition. Expertise in the area of Industry 4.0, especially in the field of automation technology in plant construction, ensures the future viability of this industry.

Personnel requirements in plant construction far exceed the supply of suitable employees

This makes it difficult for companies to fully realize their HR dispositions. Winners are those who can recruit and retain the best leaders and professionals; and they do not reach them through classic job advertisements.
This is where the special competence of an experienced personnel consultancy for plant construction comes into play: Through the tool direct approach, we can reach suitable personalities for the corresponding vacancies and thus find a suitable solution for every position in your company.

As experienced personnel consultants for plant construction, we not only support you in recruiting experts and executives. We also support you in topics such as strategic personnel planning and personnel development.

Engineers who act as personnel consultants specialized in plant engineering

Over the past decades, the consultants of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP have successfully filled numerous positions – from top management to specialists such as development and sales engineers – with well-known SME customers in plant engineering. Some of our partners and HR consultants in the different locations are engineers themselves and thus understand best the plant construction industry, customers and candidates.
Only suitable candidates will be presented to you after a detailed personal interview in the form of meaningful reports. You decide which candidates you want to speak with personally and of course the presentation of the most suitable candidates take place in your office. In addition to the appointment organization, our consultants generally also participate in the first job interview in order to provide you with further feedback on the candidate from a neutral point of view. This gives you the certainty that you have used your own resources in a meaningful and time-saving manner and that you are winning the best candidates as new employees.

We are happy to support your company to be well prepared for the future. Rely on our experience and competence of the personnel consultants of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP in plant construction.

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