The healthcare branch is a global growing market, which is in continuous technological development.

The interaction between medicine and IT avails in professional IT-solutions for digitalization of information and imaging of workflows. These aim to a broad networking and data exchange between clinics, physicians, patients, pharmacies, manufacturers of medical devices and the pharmaceutical industry.

In the Operating Room (OR) integration the communication through established standards in healthcare (HL7 and DICOM) between medical devices/equipment and IT systems – such as the Clinical Information System, Radiology Information System or the imaging system – PACS – is state of the art technology.

Highly specialized branch know-how and the understanding for workflows, among others in clinics and medical practices, are demands for the co-workers in the sensitive and highly regulated e-Health field.

The search for specialists in this field becomes more and more difficult and has to be made targeted. We support you!


  • Long year experience in staffing specialists and executives, such as software developers, test managers, product managers, technical support managers and sales specialists in the field of radiology information systems (RIS), OR integration and laboratory automation
  • High understanding for workflow-solutions in the healthcare market

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